They don’t make epee blades the way they used to

In all the years that I fenced as a child, I have not broken a single blade. And I didn’t practice back then any less than I do now. Now, on the other hand, I broke four blades just this year. I checked on fencing forums – people write that a blade typically lasts for about 8 months – three of those four blades lasted about that long – strange, maybe I was just lucky as a kid, and someone else in the neighbourhood was breaking a blade almost weekly to compensate for my anomaly, and now things just returned to normal. Yesterday at practice broke another blade – this one was very cheap and yesterday I learned why … After the first strong touch the blade got a “kink” that could be straightened, but would appear again in the same spot after any strong enough touch – poor quality of steel… Anyway, the blade lasted for five or six days of fencing practice and I’m not buying cheap blades any more.

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