The Season is Over

Our last faire this year successfully finished yesterday (, so now I can pack equipment away till next March. Lots of drinking, lots of flirting (always minding Her Majesty’s safety first, of course ;) ).

The kid also found how to occupy herself – in response to my instruction to play only where I can see her, she climbed a wall and pretended to be a statue – she was, indeed, very visible from quite far.

Saturday night (after closing) we had our vodka tasting. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring cranberry Finlandia, which wasn’t supposed to be part of the tasting, but was planned for warm-up. But this didn’t stop us – we had plenty of rum. And after combining it with beer, cider, wine (to each their preference) and very spicy beef stew, we were well prepared to begin.

Our contestants this year were:
1. “Armadale” – Scottish vodka made from wheat and barley
2. “Due” – Italian vodka made from six different kinds of grain (label didn’t go into more detail)
3. “Idol” – French vodka made from grapes

Our experienced tasters unanimously ruled that “Idol” had a very strong distinct taste of grapes and that it would be more appropriate to classify it as grappa than as vodka. After that opinions started to differ. Several (about half) of the testers said that they don’t give a damn whether it’s grappa or vodka and that “Idol” deserved first place. This group of tasters was also very consistent in placing “Due” second and “Armadale” third.
Remaining votes (save one) placed “Due” first with “Armadale” and “Idol” sharing second and third place. And the last vote was for “Armadale” first with “Due” second and “Idol” third. Go figure.

So, we do not have a clear winner this year (last year vote unanimously placed Armadale first with “Chopin” second and “Ketel One” third).
This will make selection of contestants for next year difficult, but I like this kind of challenge ;)
My personal (highly biased) opinion: “Due” first, “Armadale” second, “Idol” last.

Our tasters turned out not to be big drinkers – three bottles 0.75 liter each plus a jar of pickles for six-seven people and approximately 0.5 liter was still there in the morning. But the traditions were at least partially observed – at least one participant fell under the table. I didn’t observe any noticeable hangover effects in any of the tasters in the morning, nor did I hear any “damn, my head is about to split”, which means that quality of all drinks was quite good.

There was music too: my cell phone’s alarm clock decided to play “Adams Family” tune at 5:30am and not in the tent where I slept. Four people who did sleep in that tent told me all about it in the morning, along with many earlier unknown details about myself and some of my relatives. Nevertheless, everything was quite civilized – to my surprise, the phone still works ;)

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