Stories of my Zaporozhets – preface

Long time ago, when I was learning how to drive, I got an idea to get a car that I “wouldn’t care about”. And that’s how I came in possession of a wonderful beast – 1984 ZAZ 968M (aka Zaporozhets). For those not familiar with ancient Soviet car industry, this creature had 40hp engine, took only 76 gasoline (not the brand, the octane number), had only air cooling – no radiator, engine located in the back – rear wheel drive, accordingly; gasoline-powered heater, which was practically almost a separate engine with its own carburetor, etc. ( And the car weighed only 1540-1760 lb. (four men could lift it and move from place to place – we’ve done it more than once), so the engine was powerful enough for that. And going to high speed in that car was risky not because of the engine – body aerodynamics, as in many old cars, was not designed for speed and the thing would start to lift off the road at approximately 70 mph (higher, if you loaded the trunk full with bricks or sacks of potatoes).

That’s the kind of car I got. This particular one, in addition to already mentioned advantages, had one more – unique color. I’ve been told that at one time there were many Zaporozhets of that color and there was nothing unique about it – well, personally I never saw another one like it. This pale green (salad-like) color with spots of rust visible underneath (and sometimes on top) immediately caught the eye and stayed with you for a while.

I had it for about a year – until I felt comfortable with my driving skills and realized that after driving this car, there were very few things that could surprise me. I won’t event start about maintenance experience I got – almost every part this apparatus had a malfunction from time to time, sometimes there would be several in one trip. But most memorable were other “adventures” – they are the ones next posts will be about.

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