What pisses me off

There are two categories of drivers that really piss me off (and it seems that people who belong to one category also often belong to the other as well:

  • People who take the left lane on the freeway and drive side-to-side with a car to the right of them without overtaking, giving way or letting others overtake them from the right. And you are just stuck there behind them. Nothing like driving on two-lane road with two cars taking both lanes in front of you and no one in front of them for miles… My punishment for people like that – when I do overtake them eventually, get in front of them and start slowing down; when they finally get a clue that they are about to stop and do change lane, pedal to the floor and into the horizon I go. Trouble is, most of the time this happens I’m really in a hurry, so they go unpunished, if you don’t count the bad karma they undoubtedly acquire.
  • People who drive v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y on one lane roads and refuse to pull out to the side to let you pass (you and oh about 20 other cars they are holding back). I’m not prone to road rage, but if it ever happened, these people would be the most likely victims.
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