And how was your April fool’s day?

My April fool’s (actually, my any day) depends on whether there’s a tournament within driving distance. Just my lucky day. Epee tournament, limited to D and lower ratings.

29 people, I am in a pool of 6. Starting to get to know the local crowd, there’s one person in my pool that I already fenced before. And that time he didn’t have any trouble dealing with me – 5:1. This time the victory was mine, despite all the help he got from his coach. My pool result was 2 victories, 3 defeats, seeded 17th for direct elimination bouts.

First DE bout, I am definitely in the lead. And my opponent’s epee breaks mid-bout. His spare epee either didn’t pass tests or broke earlier, or something. His clubmate is in the middle of his own bout and can’t loan him an epee. And somehow there’s no one else he can borrow one from… That is not the way I want to win. Yes, I understand that it’s his responsibility to bring enough working epees to the tournament, if I were in his place, I would also be ready to acknowledge defeat and have only myself to blame, but still, that is not he way I want to win, and that’s it. So, I loan him one of my epees. Two issues really bother me with that:

  1. If I win, would he think that he lost because of bad epee? The only way I can be comfortable here (and I am really the only one uncomfortable, it seems, because he was already prepared to acknowledge defeat), is to give him my best, well-tested epee, that I am confident would work. Done.
  2. If I lose, for how long will I torture myself and try to imagine what would happen if I also didn’t have a spare epee to give him? I sure am happy, that I won’t know the answer to that question.

So far, this bout is my personal record: victory 15:4 in two periods. And no, it was not an easy victory.

My next DE bout was against the guy who seeded 1st out of the pools. He was in my pool, and beat me there 5:4. Theoretically, it’s a promising result – a close score like 5:4 often means that opponents are at about the same level, and either one can get lucky. Well, in this case the theory didn’t hold water. I wasn’t able to create any opportunities to score like in the pool bout, and my opponent won very convincingly 15:7.

I ended up 11th out of 29, pretty happy with myself.

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  1. […] the pool bouts everything that can go wrong, does. Out of five bouts I barely manage to win one. My “record” acquaintance this time defeats me 5:0. As a result of all this, I seed 25th for direct […]

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