North Carolina

A week-long business trip. Lots of work ahead, but I will leave a couple of evenings for myself. Got in touch with guys from a couple of clubs in the area, and made arrangements to practice and fence with them.

To transport my epees, I bought a large plastic golf case, it made a very nice travel fencing bag. Waiting to check in luggage at the airport, there’s a nice elderly couple next to me. The guy looks at me, looks at the bag, then looks at me again with “we share a common hobby” kind of a smile and nod, and asks: “Clubs?” In the same tone and with the same smile I reply, “No, swords.” This apparently causes him to swallow already prepared next phrase, and his facial expression is a little different now. So is his wife’s. Both of them very slowly, as if unintentionally, back away from me. Oh, well.

I land in North Carolina around 10pm. It’s about 30 miles drive to the hotel. Car rental place doesn’t have a car with GPS available, so they give me a map, and explain with a lot of detail how to get to my hotel. Trouble is that the weather is just “perfect” for driving in unfamiliar area – it’s pitch black, and the heavy rain soon turns into a thunderstorm. I am driving on an arrow-straight road with no idea whether I already missed my exit, or not. But I no longer care about that, because I am watching the lightning strikes above the road, and how they cut through the darkness. Too bad I can’t paint. Getting slightly lost is a small price to pay for such a view.

Well, in the end I got to the hotel just fine, even got enough sleep before driving to the office through traffic jams that are not that different from ours. The rest is not as interesting – what I planned for this trip got done, questions that needed to be answered got answered, etc.

And I was able to get those couple of evenings for fencing. I visited two local clubs. Got very nice variety of fencers at different levels, had lots of fun fencing with them, and was able to put some faces to names familiar from forums.

Good trip.

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