Club tournament

Very small club tournament today, there’s only four of us. And it would take a miracle for me to beat two of the opponents. No miracles, and no unpleasant surprises either – one victory, third place.

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Season Two, tournament One

Summer is over. Walking around renaissance faires in leather dublet, steel morion, with rapier and a halberd, sometimes in 117 degree heat – that is now in the past.

Also in the past is the “summer mode” of training, when there’s no pressure of upcoming tournament, and no need to concentrate on countless repetitions of “stuff that works” (although in my case, classifying anything as “works” is a stretch), and there’s lots of time to work on new material and experiment.

And today, my first tournament of the new season is also in the past. In pool of five, three victories and one defeat. Two of those victories, both with a confident 5:2 score, are against people I fenced last season. Back then, both of them defeated me without too much effort.

I seeded 3rd for direct elimination, which should have given me an “easy” opponent for first bout. Yeah, right. My opponent was a very strong fencer, who got unlucky in his pool. But he “woke up” for the DE. The score was very close all through the bout, and ended with his victory 15:13.

I finished 9th out of 17. Cool. It could be better of course, but anyway, so far this is my best result!

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