Club tournament – now, that’s better!

Good job, me!

Six people today, I have four victories, one defeat. 24 touches scored against nine touches received!

My first first place! No, I can’t wipe that grin off my face.

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Something’s out of whack

It’s the second tournament of the season (I’m not counting club tournaments, they are not real for practice). It’s not as successful as the one before, but compared to same tournament last year, there’s definitely progress. In the pool of seven I have four victories and two defeats. One of the victories is over the opponent that I fenced and lost to last season. And he’s not the first one like that. I like this trend.

I seeded 10th for direct elimination. The first bout is against a guy from my club. Fencing against a club mate in a tournament is a dubious pleasure for several reasons:

  • One of you ends up eliminating his friend.
  • Participation in a tournament is a way to get more diverse opponents. If you end up fencing someone you can fence at almost every club practice, how does that provide said diversity?
  • Both of you know each other’s moves, which makes the bout (at least for me) a lot more tense, though also more predictable

With this particular clubmate, the result for me is unfortunately very easy to predict. I end up 10th out of 20.

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