Top 8

For some reason there’s almost twice as many people in the January tournament as there were in November – both this and last year. Maybe it’s the New Year’s resolution for some people?

I win all pool bouts. Three of them against “old acquaintances”.

2nd place in seeding for direct elimination, a bye into 32.

First DE is against another “old acquaintance” who got his C since we fenced last. Tough bout, we’re pretty evenly matched, but today I have a slight advantage. Victory, 15:13.

Second DE – I already fenced this guy today – he was in my pool, and I won 5:3 – he was repetitive, and I scored most touches with the same action. I’ve made a big mistake here: got too confident, thinking that I’ll just “repeat” our pool bout. Almost fatal mistake. We get on the strip, and it’s like I’m fencing a completely different person – different tactics, none of the pool mistakes, my previous actions just don’t work. By the time I realize that I really need to get my act together right now or go home, he’s already four points ahead. OK, let’s pretend we’re just starting, defense needs to be stronger, different style of attacks is in order, let’s try this, no, let’s try this instead … finally I catch up, then get one point ahead. And time runs out. Final score is 13:12.

Third DE is to get into top 4. I get a feeling that I’m fecing myself, only a version of myself that doesn’t make mistakes. He’s about my age, just a little bit taller than me, and fences in the same manner. I manage to score a point, next he scores a point with the same action I used. Then we switch. He wins this bout, then the tournament.

And I end up 5th out of 40. New best result, my first time in top 8!

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