Club tournament

Didn’t really feel like writing this, but a diary is a diary. Doesn’t make sense to write only the good.

And today was real bad. I couldn’t hit broad side of a barn, arm is too tense, elbow moves too much … I hit anythig but the opponent. Third place out of four, when my absolute worst performance should have given me the second.

Very disappointed with myself today.

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As long as I’m awake for the DE …

Yet another tournament. I am swamped beyond belief at work, couldn’t make it to practice last 3 weeks or so.

In the pool bouts everything that can go wrong, does. Out of five bouts I barely manage to win one. My “record” acquaintance this time defeats me 5:0. As a result of all this, I seed 25th for direct elimination.

First bout – I fenced this guy several times before with alternating results. But it looks like I’m awake now – victory 15:10.

Next bout is to get into 8. A lefty. I’ve already written how much I “enjoy” fencing lefties, and why. The bout is tough, our scores are very close, but I get lucky in the end, and win 15:14.

Wow, despite screwing up in the pool, I am in top 8 again. And the next opponent is a good acquaintance of mine, who eliminated me in the first tournament of this season. Our bout is very tough again, and he’s the winner – 15:12.

I am 8th out of 32, which is pretty good, all things considered.

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