Harmful nature of “Byes”

Another local tournament. I have three victories and one defeat in a pool of 5. Two of the victories are against “old acquaintances”, including the guy who took me out in this circuit’s previous tournament.

I end up 4th in direct elimination seeding, and get a bye into 16. This is not good, I need to change something. Should I start doing worse in pools? The problem is that it’s about 30 minutes between end of pools and start of DE bouts. First round of DE bouts is another 15 minutes, and then another 15 minutes pass before my turn for DE comes up.

So, it’s a full hour of not fencing, and I have cooled down. My opponent is warm and ready, he just fenced a bout 15 minutes ago. My fencing sucked, and I lost 15:11, taking 9th place out of 20. At that time I was absolutely certain that cooling down was the main reason for the loss. Now I’m not sure it was the main reason, but it definitely was a contributing factor.

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