Is darkness your friend?

Big open tournament that I already went to last year.

In my pool: two As, one B, one D, one E, and two of us, unrated. Somehow I managed to beat our E. The D was counter-attacking in response to any real threat from me, and was pretty good at not reacting to feints. One double touch after another – my attack, his counter, point to each.
At this point I decided to risk it, and fleched at him, beating his blade (he counter-attacked) aside while flying.
I went into very defensive mode, and caught him on attempt to even the score.

No chance against the As and the B. And I lost to my unrated colleague, ending up 41st seed for direct elimination, out of 65.

And the lights went off.

The power outage came to stay. For some time the organizers thought that the electrons will start running the wires again soon, but stubborn electrons seemed to have had enough of being run into metal rods beating on one another, and would not be moved. Luckily, there were several scoring boxes that could work on batteries, but the batteries were few, and wouldn’t last long. That made for much longer wait for DE bout to start.

By the time I got on the strip, it was starting to get dark already. My opponent was a fairly strong B, I didn’t have many chances to begin with. And it didn’t help that by mid-bout I could no longer see his blade, and not even the tip of my own. Our DE was the last one, the organizers had to stop the tournament, since it was too dark, and impossible to continue normal fencing.

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