Club tournament

Another club tournament. One defeat, three victories. Second place out of five.

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Last tournament, Second season

Same as last year, it’s hard to believe the season is over. Despite all the disappointments, the difference in my performance between last season and this one is huge. I’ve made noticeable progress, and feel a lot more confident both on the strip, and analyzing opponents.

Which didn’t get in the way of me loosing yet another DE. I did very well in the pool: four victories, one defeat, and seeded 5th for direct elimination. Again a bye into 16, and again a defeat in fairly tough DE bout – 15:13.

To compare the two seasons:

Last Season This Season
26th out of 32 9th out of 17
19th out of 34 10th out of 20
40th out of 43 5th out of 40
12th out of 23 8th out of 31
11th out of 29 9th out of 20
19th out of 24 11th out of 27

Not bad at all

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