Club tournament

It’s still summer, everyone is fairly relaxed, but formally the season already started, first tournaments are pretty soon, time to get ready.

There’re five of us at the club meet. I win three bouts, lose one. One of our fairly strong girs Cs has same result. Since we don’t do DEs at club tournaments, the result is decided by indicators (touches scored minus touches received).

And our indicators are the same too, so we end up sharing 1st place.

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A local club organized a weekend camp – two full days of training, each day ending with a tournament among “campers”.

I really wanted to go there, but was worried about my heel – having just recovered from the injury, it still hurt a little, and I was worried that a full day of fencing practice might be too much. I called the coach, who was organizing the camp, and explained my situation to him – ok, he didn’t see a problem with me picking which parts of the camp program I could do.

Wow, it’s been a while since I had this much exercise … it’s been decades. Both days started with running. The first day we ran to a nearby lake and back; the second day we also ran full circle around the lake, and that made the run about 3 miles. I surprised myself by making it in one piece, and not crawling behind everyone. Many thanks to a very nice girl athlete who gave me encouragement, and ran the final 100 yard burst with me.

The run was just a warm-up. After that, the real practice started …
No issues with the heel. That is, it did hurt, but doctor told me that it’s ok to practice “as long as you can stand the pain”, and I could. But the last time I’ve done this amount of abs exercises was … never!!! This was the part of practice where I did have to stop a few times.

The rest of the practice went better. In individual lessons the coach was correcting me to use a different technique than what my coaches teach. That was a little strange, but ok. I adjusted technique to what he required, and will add it to my repertoire – need to try and see in which situations this is more applicable – it will help both in bouts with my clubmates, and in tournament bouts with this coach’s students.

The end-of-day tournaments went very well:
On Saturday, I won three pool bouts, lost five, won first DE, and lost in semi-final, sharing 3rd place out of 9.
On Sunday, I won six pool bouts, lost two, won two DEs, and lost 15:14 in the final, taking 2nd place out of 9.

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