First medal

Today was the first in a series of small local tournaments.

7 people in my pool. I won all of my bouts. One of the bouts ended with time running out – neither of us managed to score five touches in the allotted three minutes. The opponent was one of my “old acquaintances”, and I was fencing very defensively, remembering all too well how the attempts to attack him usually end. Possibly, he had similar memories of attacking me, and both of us ended up fencing very cautiously, with lots of feints, complex blade work, distance games, all to get the opponent to attack first. The time ran out with me in the lead – 2:1.

With the victories in the pool, and 20 point difference between touches scored and received, I ended up first in direct elimination table, and got a bye into 16.

The first DE to get into top 8. First period was consistent with my worst results of last season – I made lots of mistakes, got nervous, and couldn’t hit anything, especially the opponent. Fortunately, this wasn’t entirely like the last season. In the next period I changed tactics, and caught up, winning in the third period 15:9.

Quarter-final. My opponent is young and very fast. It was a pretty tough bout, his speed against my cunning plans. The final score was very close – 15:13.

Semi-final. My opponent is a lefty with very solid technique. This was probably the toughest bout of this tournament for me, especially considering my track record against lefties. This time I got lucky – 15:13.

Final DE bout. Opponent has weapon problems, and gets first a yellow, and then a red card. Despite starting the bout with one point lead, and the opponent getting another red card for turning his back to me, while parrying my blade (it’s a safety issue, back of the head is not protected by mask), by the end of first period I was four points behind.
In the second period I was able to adjust to his actions, caught up, then got a small lead.
By the start of third period I was couple of points in the lead, and changed to very defensive tactics – time was now on my side, he was feeling the pressure to catch up as the last three minutes were running out, and I scored a couple more points when he was forced to attack in unfavorable situations. The bout ended on time with the score 14:10.

My first medal!!! And first gold!!!
Feeling very tired, and extremely happy. Can’t stop smiling.

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What do I do now?

First competition of my third season was an open tournament a few hours drive from home. For a medium size tournament, the level of competition was quite high – out of 37 people, 7 As and 7 Bs.

In my pool: one A, one B, two Cs, one E, and me. To my big surprise, I only lost one bout … to the E … the only lefty in our pool. And ended up 7th in seeding for direct elimination.

First DE was with an “old acquaintance”, who by then got his D. Victory 15:11.

Second DE was with a very strong C. The bout was very tough, I got a few points lead in the first period, he caught up and got ahead in the second, and all my attempts to catch up in the third were in vain. Defeat 15:13.

As a result, I took 10th place, and got a D rating. Considering that this was my goal for the season, and the season only just started … what do I do now?

I am happy. Looks like my fencing got to a new level, and it feels great!

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