Beyond your wildest dreams

Well, the TSA has reacted. And, as expected, instead of measures that really work, we have a show-off comedy act more likely to inconvenience travel to the point where it’s not practical, than to improve security more than by a tiny margin:

  • You can keep the underwear on, but you will be patted down – body, groin, upper legs. I wonder if TSA will accept volunteers to help check in the Swedish bikini team?
  • You can’t get up from your seat last hour of the flight … and for those who really have to go, I suppose since soiling ones trousers doesn’t  present a security risk, it’s not TSA’s problem.
  • Also during the last hour of flight: nothing in your lap – no laptop, book or blanket.  My recommendation on how to spend the hour – say a prayer for safe landing, and no lines in the airport restrooms. For the latter, you will need a miracle.

Note to self: do not try to guess how a government agency will react to a situation, the reality will always be stranger than anything you can come up with.

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