Turning out my pockets

After seeing what’s in Marko’s and Jay’s pockets, I wanted to reciprocate and turn out mine. “Pockets” are loosely defined, including the watch on the wrist, and stuff attached to the belt (other than trousers):

In no particular order:

  • Keys and flashlight – I found it very useful to carry a small flashlight, attached to the keys in a specific way – on a string, long enough so I can hold the light in one hand, and the key in another, directing both at the keyhole. And since this is a diode flashlight, surprisingly powerful for its size,  it has many other uses.
  • Digital voice recorder – a recent addition that has already proven invaluable. It lets me take notes and not forget any ideas (or errand requests from my better half) while driving
  • Wallet, that in addition to pieces of plastic and portraits of various Presidents on greenish paper, holds 3×5 note cards and a pen – backup for the voice recorder
  • Blackberry
  • 60GB iPod with Bluetooth transmitter
  • Bluetooth headphones, connecting to both Blackberry and iPod
  • USB stick with my files, and most non-work applications that I use (from PortableApps.com), which lets me to keep private stuff almost completely off any computer I work on.
  • Timex Zulu watch that serves me for more years than I care to admit
  • Kershaw STORM pocket knife
  • Leatherman Wave tool

and, when I’m outside of Commiefornia, in one of the places where my CCW is recognized:

  • Bersa Thunder .380 in a pocket holster, and a spare mag

So, with greatest personal thanks to whoever invented cargo pants and a double-layer belt that holds them in place, I got means of capturing ideas and communication, ability to work with all of my information and applications from any internet-connected computer anywhere, entertainment, and self-defense.

So, what’s in your pockets?

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