Rascals vs Scoundrels

Given that rather large number of my colleagues share common background with me, there’s lots of talk at the office about recent elections. My attitude to both these and previous elections in Ukraine is best expressed by Igor Guberman, who called politics a “fight of rascals vs scoundrels” (my humble translation doesn’t do the phrase “борьба мерзавцев с негодяями” full justice).

I think the best candidate for Ukrainian Presidency would actually be … Obama. He would cause a lot less damage there, and here’s why:

  • Bailout of the auto industry – since Ukraine has no auto industry that deserves mention, this won’t be necessary.
  • World apology tour – I guess, if he went to Poland and Israel to apologize for Khmelnitsky, to Turkey – for Zaporozhian Cossacks, and to Russia – for giving them Khrushchev and Brezhnev, it wouldn’t make the situation any worse.
  • Health care nationalization – well, that’s already done. And if would be subjected to that health care, he might learn a few things.
  • School visits with teleprompter – that will be a good thing, let school kids see the latest in equipment (yes, I know he used the equipment to talk to journalists, not to kids, that’s not the point).

How about it, Ukraine? Deal?

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