Three things I like about you

Got a nice meme from Etat, according to whom the nice things about me are that I am a snowball in hell gun nut in California, engaging in a useless outdated hobby, and using very laconic sentences to write about both. Well, not in the same exact words 🙂

Please join the meme. Here’s how it works:

  1. You comment on this post
  2. I respond with three things about you that I like
  3. You copy this meme into your blog
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  1. Oh, com’n! I said it’s a nice thing to do something useless! Me, for instance: I knit and sew cushion pillows – both activities are hopelessly purposeful, what’s with the aggravated government assault AGW.

    • Well, knitting can come up quite handy with AGW, as the folks on East Coast have recently discovered 😉

      Anyway, the three things I like about you:
      1) You have a writing style and wit that I very much enjoy,
      2) Your views on life and politics seem similar enough to mine, and are well-articulated,
      3) It’s very clear that your opinions are truly yours, you’re not drinking anyone’s Kool-Aid

  2. Exactly! Would I knit if he climate was truly warming? Noway. I’d recline on a bench under a cherry tree and get busy with cloud-counting.

    [Thank you – usually people consider the three things you noted as negatives. What an unexpected pleasure to be complimented on them]

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