Happy Dance


It was the right thing to do, and still many of us held our breath waiting for the decision – the right thing to do isn’t always the thing that gets done. Well, the wait is over, 2nd Amendment is incorporated. I can’t find words to describe how happy it makes me feel.

Go read Sebastian’s great analysis of the SCOTUS decision, or read the decision itself.

Coming up next: what does this mean for the right to keep and bear arms here in Kommiefornia? Which of the current restrictions will stay (ban on standard capacity magazines?, ban on non-essential but scary-looking rifle accessories?), and what will happen to the “bear” part of the right? Right now concealed carry is pretty much impossible, and open carry is one vote away from getting banned – clearly if that ban passes, this will mean an outright ban of a right that is supposed to be protected from any infringement.

I think we’ll witness some very interesting court cases, and backpedaling by local legislatures, trying to find ground and see just how inconvenient they can make our lives, while staying within good graces of Heller and McDonald decisions.

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