I am in the wrong business

How do you forget $37K???

Question: how much do you need to be stealing earning, to think of $37K as pocket change that you can just forget to mention?

Is there anyone in that crowd, who understands that they are supposed to be our employees, not our rulers, above the law, and that the word “integrity” is not just a talking point for their PR people, but something the rest of us actually do take seriously?

And this little piece of inconvenient truth is just disgusting.

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  1. Suggested calculation:

    their typical severance of one week of pay for each of his nine years of service at Local 1199,” Burton said.
    So, @37,191:9= $4,132.3
    $4,132.3 * 52 weeks = $204,881.3.


    • Indeed. I wonder if they have vacancies…

      • You are not eligible to apply

      • Yeah, I thought using words like honor and integrity, and actually meaning them, might work against me for that kind of work … damn it.

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