I’m back

It takes buying a house to find out that “Money Pit” was a documentary.

And now you know why I was away from the blog, and pretty much from everything else, for almost a year.

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In earlier years, I have never put a flag on my house. Well, except for Jolly Roger on Halloween, that is.

Back in the old country, if you saw a Soviet (and later Ukrainian) flag, you could bet any money that the building it was on was some government institution.

When I first came to US, flags on private houses really surprised me. The idea that a private citizen would put a flag on his house, of his own free will, without government forcing him, was totally alien to me. You see, when you are taught that your country and your government (and the ruling party) are one and the same, you make a connection that the flag represents the government as much as it does the country. And when life teaches you extreme cynicism about anything government-related, because of corruption, hypocrisy and Orwellian machinations of the government (not politicians, government as a whole), flag of that government is the last thing you want decorating your residence. It took some time to learn that you can be cynical about the government, and even despise the ruling party (or all parties for that matter), and still love the country.

During the years of H1B serfdom, and later, during the green card years I didn’t feel that I had the right to that flag. I lived here, but had no right to call this country mine; the flag on my house would make me seem an impostor.

Now I do have a right to that flag. And today is a perfect day to fly it, honoring those who died to make and protect this country and its freedoms.
My son helped me today. We raised the flag half-way in the morning, then all the way at noon.
For him it’s natural to want a flag of his country on his house. And it’s a good thing, I want it to stay that way.

I wanted to write something about Memorial Day itself, but someone, who writes better than I ever could, already did. Go read

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