I’m back

It takes buying a house to find out that “Money Pit” was a documentary.

And now you know why I was away from the blog, and pretty much from everything else, for almost a year.

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  1. Yeah, been there, done that. But overall, I have to say owning a house is preferable to renting 🙂 Congratulations and enjoy 😉

    • Thank you, Tom. With 7 months of various fairly major repairs and improvements behind us, we’re just starting to recover. Hopefully, enjoying will come too 🙂

  2. Congratulations! While I’m a renter now, I’ve been a homeowner several times over, and I certainly don’t have stars in my eyes about the whole endeavor (having spent every weekend for ten years ‘fixing up the house’ and/or ‘working in the yard,’ not to mention spending half of the time at Yardbirds spending money), I totally get the pride of land-ownership and the joy of walking around in your own home, free to do what you damn well please. It’s a kind of freedom I miss, and I congratulate you on having achieved it. Celebration time!

    • Thank you. Having one of those weekends right now 🙂

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