GOP Debate

A couple of thoughts on yesterday’s debate and candidates:

  • Romney: you got to hand it to him, his continued defense of Romneycare while attacking Obamacare shows that he has balls. Unfortunately it also shows that he’s not willing to admit his mistakes and recognize that his version of healthcare is just as flawed as Obama’s.
  • Bachmann was overselling herself yesterday. Too many obvious slogans. I cautiously like her, though. Cautiosly, because her social views have me worried. I don’t want a president who is going to push a pretty extreme position on abortion and gay rights. If she sticks to the economy, I think, she has better chances. Her opponents understand that too, and will pull her into social discussion, and she seems to be the type of person who will not hold her opinions back and avoid the issue, which deserves respect, but is not going to help her.
  •  Pawlenty has no balls. Attacking Romney behind his back, and then backpedaling when face to face during the debate … That’s not how you win respect and votes. Not my respect and vote, anyway. That, plus on social issues he’s as hardcore as Bachmann, maybe worse. Two strikes.
  • Gingrich: too much of a liability. ’nuff said.
  • Santorum: didn’t say anything that would distinguish him from the rest. We’ll see.
  • Cain sounded very reasonable. His lack of government experience can play both for and against him.
  • Paul: I very much agree with his position on economy and social issues, so that was good. He seems a little too isolationist on foreign policy for my taste, so that has me worried. Also, he seems a lot less “polished” in how he talks and presents himself. It’s very difficult to imagine him actually taking on and beating Obama in an election.

Overall, I did not see a “winning” candidate. Don’t get me wrong, any of them would very likely do better than the current President, but then so would many potted plants, and you don’t see them running for office. IMHO, we need a candidate with good track record (business and government), who would run on economic and foreign policy issues and take “let’s follow 10th amendment and leave it to the states or to the people” position on social issues. Oh, and eloquent enough to take on Mr Teleprompter in a debate.

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