Why Congress is funnier than movies

So, first it’s the Republicans getting inspiration from movies and the Democrats making fun of them.
And now it’s Harry Reid saying things that must have the Holliwood writers green with envy.

I’m comparing his “We’re recognizing that the only compromise that there is, is mine” to Charlie Croker’s “It’s a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we all work together as a team. And that means you do everything I say” (The Italian Job).

Hard to decide which one is funnier. What do you think?

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Overheard at Home

Watching the news on TV last night, we heard this little gem from Pelosi about the current debt ceiling unpleasantness:

” What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today. ”

On hearing this my darling Wife turned to me and said (accusingly): “And after this you still think the people who believe in aliens are the crazy ones?”

And that, folks, is one of many reasons I love my Wife.

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Independence Day

“An event that changed history” is a catchy phrase, but it’s also an absurd one. If the event was part of history, it did not change it.  History happened the way it did, and that event was part of it.

Some events, however, are more prominent in history than others. Those events lead to fun conversations of “what would have happened, if …” variety. The American Revolution is definitely one of these events.

What would the world today be like, if there was no Stamp Act, or if the colonies had adequate representation in Parliament?

One thing is certain: the country that created great conditions (maybe not ideal, but good enough) for innovators and entrepreneurs and thus drove very large part of the world’s technological advancement in the last two centuries would not have existed.

I’m glad that it does and today is about celebrating that. Happy 235th, America!

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