Opinions II

I had a fun discussion in comments recently, which reminded me of this earlier post.

Someone smart told me a while back that when commenting on someone’s blog, it’s polite  to let the blog owner have the last word. When the blog owner in question responds to a logical argument with “You’re wrong”, they make it very easy for me to be polite 🙂

To help with that discussion I read a couple of very interesting articles, learned some new things, and (hopefully) became just a little smarter. I sincerely hope my opponent did too.

(I am not going to link to the discussion in question. It’s on a blog that I read every day, I have a lot of respect for the blogger in question, agree with most of what he stands for and this minor argument has not changed that).

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We interrupt this lack of posting

Larry Correia did it again. Great comparison between the Tea Party and the recent Commie outbreak Occupy Wall Street unpleasantness, and detailed analysis of the teenage whining political demands of the latter.

For the first few weeks I thought it was that they were against “Greed”. Wow. That’s a bold statement. Take that Pro-Greed forces. Okay, specifically, they were against the bailouts. Cool. So was I. Funny, so was the Tea Party. You know what’s ironic though? You know who WASN’T against the bailouts? The guy I’m willing to bet most of the Occupiers voted for last time and will probably vote for again. 

Go read the whole thing, it’s worth it.

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