Let’s see now. In short, a conservative, very attached to his guns, religion, and freedom, living in the land where none of those are particularly popular – the PRC (People’s Republic of Commiefornia).

In somewhat longer version, Starik Igolkin is old and prickly. He started working with computers that consumed narrow strips of paper with holes in it for breakfast, and expressed their indigestion through electric typewriters. Once he got fed up with rummaging through all that rubbish, he graduated, confident that he would never find use for anything he learned … few people are more mistaken.

Now, many years since, he still is programming. Although, these days he mostly programs other programmers.

In the time he can spare from programming programmers, he puts on a doublet, breeches, morion, hangs a rapier on his belt, pours full flask of vodka, takes a halberd and leaves for XVI century England for a few days, where he guards her majesty Queen Elizabeth and fights in duels, sometimes for no apparent reason.
He returns to XXI century with empty flask, much thinner wallet and a satisfied grin.

Occasionally he pretends that he still can compete as a fencer, and sometimes manages to fool people into believing that.

He is also fascinated with things that go boom, making holes in pieces of paper some distance away, from his favorite XVI century matchlock assault muskets to more modern semi-auto varieties.

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